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Faber-Castell Modelling Dough – Pack of 6 (Assorted)

  • Modelling dough is soft and colorful knead able dough for children which is ideal for motor skill and sensory development in early childhood
  • Play based learning with modelling dough assists in developing social interaction and problem solving skills in the child from a young age
  • Children enjoy playing with modelling dough as it helps them express their creativity through model building, giving them a sense of achievement
  • Non toxic and completely safe for children

NP Clay Modelling Tools

Feature 4 kinds of different modeling tool Make it easy to work on the modeling material Make the modeling material into various patterns and shapes Application Ideal for children at the kindergarten, school for the art class Ideal for professional use - studio grade

Art Tools 3pcs Set Bamboo Sculpture Making Kit Tools Clay Pottery

  • Perfect for carve, sculpture and jewelry making.
  • Good for shaping and molding clay, wax, and other soft mediums
  • Double headed different styles, entirely made of bamboo, easy to clean
  • Pure bamboo production, handmade, lightweight, durable, easy to use
  • Suitable for beginner level pottery and sculpting, create and build any shapes on hand made

Pidilite Fevicryl Mouldit, 50 gm

FEVICRYL SHILPKAR is used to mould and create fabulous shapes and 3 dimensional works of art. FEATURES: Soft and pliable; Easy to use; Dries white and has a glossy finish. BENEFITS: Setting time of 90 minutes; Ideal setting time for both professionals and amateurs; Decorate with acrylic colours / all surface acrylic colours / glass colours – solvent based. Instructions for use: Cut equal quantities from Shilpkar Resin Base and Shilpkar Hardener. Mix both by rolling between the palms. By rolling, it will become long. Fold it into half and roll it again. Repeat the process, till it becomes completely white For glossy/smooth finish, run a wet finger over the created object before it dries.

Pidilite Rangeela Moulding Dough – 5 Shades 375gms

  • Pidilite industries is the market leader in adhesives and sealants
  • The dough is non toxic and non sticky.
  • Pidilite is ranked amongst the most trusted brands in india.
  • Hobby colors and polymer emulsions in india.
  • Safe for use of children

The Raw Craft 3D Moulding Powder Set

  • This newly improved molding material helps you in better ways, as colour change indicates the mixing, working and setting time.
  • Non-toxic, neat, safe to skin, with long shelf life.
  • Easy to do, quick and no mess. Capture those tiny little hands and feet before they get too big.
  • A perfect gift to create an everlasting memory.
  • The mould is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
3D Moulding and Casting Powder Kit is an amazingly unique way to treasure and memorialize special occasions - no matter if it's holding a close family member or friend's hand at a wedding, engagement, anniversary, or any other heartfelt and meaningful event we share with them. If you are looking for a tasteful way to capture all the love and the sentiment of one moment through time, we have got the ideal solution for you. With our molding kit, you can create the most beautiful sculptures of anything you hold dear and preserve the memory as the years pass by.