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Fabric paints based on aqueous acrylic dispersion are used for painting cotton and silk fabrics. When painting synthetic fabrics, it is recommended to verify the strength of the pattern on the fabric sample in accordance with the instructions for use. Stir thoroughly before use. Brush the paint with a thin and even layer. To dilute paints in order to reduce the colour intensity and improve the spreading of paints, use the special Decola thinner. After applying the drawing, let it dry for 24 hours and after that it is advisable to fix it by ironing without steam. Further, you can wash the product at a temperature of 30C-40C without strong mechanical stress. Store paint in a tightly closed container. Wash brushes and tools immediately after use with water.

Derwent Inktense Blocks Used on Fabrics

All the brilliance of our Inktense pencils but in a chunky block making it easy to cover large areas really quickly. Just like the pencils you can use the blocks dry but they come into their own when you mix them with water and the colour turns into vibrant ink. Once dry the colour is permanent and you can work over the top of it. Also ideal for using on silk and cotton!
  • Chunky shape makes them extremely versatile
  • Ideal for loose, expressive landscapes and vibrant still-life
  • Use them dry to apply fine lines or broad, expressive strokes
  • Wet they can be used as pans of paint, or apply directly for intense color
  • Set of 72 colors can be used with Inktense pencils

Derwent Inktense Pencils

Derwent Inktense Pencils are our best watercolour pencil ever! You can use them dry but mix them with water and WOW! the colour turns into vibrant ink. Once it?s dry the colour is fixed and you can work over the top of it, and, because of its permanent feature it?s great for using on fabric such as silk and cotton! Contains Sun Yellow, Tangerine, Poppy Red, Fuchsia, Deep Indigo, Sea Blue, Teal Green, Apple Green, Leaf Green, Baked Earth, Bark and Ink Black.
  • Offers intense color combined with a translucent effect
  • Round 8mm barrel; wide 4mm core
  • Highly blendable texture in a range of jewel-like colors
  • Once dry, the color wash is permanent and can be embellished with wet or dry media
  • 12 count tin includes a non soluble outliner

Fevicryl Fabric Colours Soft 10x20ml

  • Color fastness - the paints are Colorfast after 7 days of curing. The painted design will not fade even after multiple washes
  • No separate medium needed - these are water-soluble colors. There is no separate medium required for painting. For dilution water can be used
  • Vibrant shades - the fabric paint presents fresh & vibrant hues that will make your artwork look radiant & bright. You can mix & match various colors to make new color and experiment with the same
  • Stencil and luggage tags included - a floral Stencil number luggage tags are provided in the kit
  • Specialty fabric paints - the fabric painting kit is perfect to be applied to all types of fabric and fabric-based surfaces to create fresh fabric art and designs

Mont Marte Signature Fabric Paint Set of 8 & 24

  • EXCELLENT SELECTION - A water resistant porcelain paint set consisting of a total of 6 cans, each containing 20 ml. In total 6 beautiful colors for creative work on cups, vases and bowls and much more. Perfect for artists, students, adolescents, adults and beginners who are interested in ceramic paints. 
  • COLORS - White, yellow, green, blue, red and black
  • OUTSTANDING FEATURES - High opacity and pigmentation ensures easy application and excellent quality when working with this porcelain paint. Create animals, patterns, structures, objects and much more in an extraordinary look. Get creative with porcelain colors!
  • IMPRESSIVE EFFECTS - The strong intensity of the colors guarantees you a great luminosity of your paintings on cermaics. Even if you dilute the paint a little with water when painting with a brush. The quick-drying paint results very easily in a glossy finish with great opacity.
  • HIGH QUALITY COLORS - The excellent light fastness of the porcelain colors ensures a long lasting and permanent quality of your paintings on porcelain or ceramics. The colour can also be mixed to create an even wider range of colours.
  • IDEAL GIFT - The MONT MARTE Porcelain Colors Set is a great introduction to painting on porcelain or ceramics. Creative painting of cups etc. is especially fun with this set, no matter whether you are a beginner or already an experienced professional. This set is also great as a Christmas or birthday present.