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HS Epoxy Art Resin And Hardener

This is a pack of two bottles consisting of  1 bottle of HS Epoxy Resin and 1 bottle of Hardener. It has to be used in a ratio of 2:1. Detailed instructions on preparation of the epoxy clear coat are mentioned on the label and graphic above. Do not mix more than 600 ml in one go! The mixture is an exothermic reaction and more the resin, more is the heat generated. Be extremely careful during summers, because the resin and hardener are more conducive to reaction and will generate a lot of heat if kept for a longer period of time! The HS Epoxy Resin and Hardener cures completely in 24 hours. After it cures totally you will get a thick, glossy topcoat that graces the surface of artwork, photographs and wood giving it a gorgeous modern look. This will give a thick protective sheen to your surface.

Nevskaya Palitra Dammar Varnish-120ml

Nevskaya Palitra Dammar Varnish works very well for painting with oil, preparing and mixing your own medium, as well as finishing your oil painting. Sticks very well to any, even completely dry, oil layer and forms translucent film. Perfect for glazing techniques.120 ml, plastic bottle

Nevskaya Palitra Diluent For Artistic Paintings

Diluent consists of white spirit and turpentine.It is used for the diluting of the design oil colours and artist's varnishes.  

Nevskaya Palitra Fixative Varnish-120ml

Varnishes are resin solutions in various solvents which give various properties and determine their purpose. Artist's Varnishes are divided into:
  1. inter layer varnishes
  2. Varnishes for the diluting of the colours or varnishes on the palette.
  3. Varnishes for coating or painting.

Nevskaya Palitra Linseed Oil

Nevskaya Palitra linseed oil is specially refined and bleached to enrich your paintings. With no turpentine added, our linseed oil has no unpleasant smell or toxic ingredients.

Brustro Artists Professional Satin Varnish 500ml

  • Non-removable varnish for acrylic paintings, with a subdued satin finish.
  • Although slightly hazy in colour, dries completely transparentand is non yellowing.
  • Can be diluted with 25 % water to increase the flow.
  • Stir the contents of the product thoroghly before application
  • Apply it with a soft bristled brush to minimise brush streaks.

Brustro High Gloss Varnish 1000ml White Finish

  • Non-removable varnish for acrylic painting.
  • Permanent non-yellowing and water resistant once dry.
  • Dries clean and glossy.
  • Can be diluted with water (25%).
  • Continuous over-brushing may lead to fogging after drying.
  • Do not mix with oils.
  • Can also be used as an additive to acrylic paints to increase its gloss and flow characteristics.
  • Excellent binder and adhesive qualities.
  • This fluid varnish is water based can can thus be diluted with water.
  • As acrylics dry very rapidly, care should be taken to apply varnish pre-diluted with water, ideally upto 25%

Brustro Professional Art Masking Fluid 100ml (75ml + 25ml Free)

  • Brustro art masking fluid protects the whites of the paper while working with watercolours, inks and gouache.
  • To be applied with a brush. It is water-soluble when wet and waterproof on drying.
  • Paints are to be applied once the masking fluid dries and to be peeled after the paint dries completely by simply rubbing the gum with fingers or eraser to reveal the masked parts

Williamsburg Cold Pressed Linseed Oil-118ml

Cold Pressed Linseed Oil Genuine, cold-pressed linseed. Extracted through pressure alone. Less processed than alkali-refined. Closer to what was used in the past. Item #6009026

Williamsburg Extender Medium-150ml

Extender Medium Marble dust and barium sulfate in linseed oil. Semi-transparent. Moderate drier. Used to extend oil paint without altering its consistency. Add to a maximum ratio of 1:1 Extender to paint. Will increase the tendency to yellow. Use as an additive only. Item #6009017

Williamsburg Linseed Oil

Linseed Oil Genuine alkali-refined linseed oil. Increases flow, transparency and gloss. Useful as ingredient in painting mediums. Item #6009003

Williamsburg Stand Oil-118ml

Stand Oil A thick, honey-like linseed oil with excellent leveling properties. Increases flow, transparency, and gloss. Useful as ingredient in painting mediums. Slower drying and less yellowing than other linseed oils, it creates a smooth, durable, and flexible film. Item #6009004