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Daler Rowney Masking Fluid 75ml

A pigmented liquid composed of rubber latex and pigment, for masking areas of work needing protection when colour is applied in broad washes.
  • Do not apply on damp or soft sized paper.
  • Remove as soon as possible after application.
  • Brushes can be cleaned if washed immediately with water after use.

Daler Rowney Watercolour Varnish 75ml

  • Can be used on watercolours, and posters of gouache paintings.
  • Apply on top of dry paintings. The intensity of the gloss depends on the type of paper.
  • The more absorbent the paper the lower the gloss finish. Made in England.

Dr. Ph. Martin’s FRISKET MASK LIQUID, 1.0 OZ

Dr. Ph. Martin's Frisket Mask Liquid is a helpful tool for both beginner level and advanced artists. This latex-based product allows for protection of the working surface to give added control as the artist works with different mediums. Specially designed for use on watercolor papers, as well as a variety of other surfaces. This liquid frisket allows for blocking or layered applications, and then is easily removed by peeling or with a soft eraser. It comes in two strengths: Level 1 and Level 2. Comes in a 1.0 oz (30 ml) glass bottle with dropper.

Dr. Ph. Martin’s PEN-WHITE, 1.0 OZ

Dr. Ph. Martin's Pen-White is perfect for fine writing, and was made to be used in technical pens and airbrush. This liquid product delivers the same brightness and permanency of traditional watercolors in tubes, but is much more versatile and easy to use. It will also adhere to a variety of surfaces that include film and acetate-type material. The color is incredibly opaque and can cover dye and marker color. Ultra fine white ink (not waterproof). Flows through a 3x0 (0.25 mm) pen tip. Comes in a 1.0 oz (30ml) glass bottle with dropper.
brush dip pen technical pen

Pebeo Extra Fine Drawing Gum / Masking Fluid – 250 ml bottle

Pebeo Drawing Gum Natural Latex is a peelable rubber solution for masking paper in artworks generally done in ink, watercolour and gouache. It protects the white of the paper from the paint and retains its luminosity and brilliance. Colour is applied over it once dry and then it is peeled off. It is water soluble when wet but becomes waterproof after drying.

QoR Cold Press Ground-237ml

Cold Press Ground Cold Press Ground Dries to a unique rough surface and looks like handmade paper with all its beautiful imperfections. Great nooks and crannies to catch the watercolor, and will allow for interesting lifting effects that you can't get with traditional paper surfaces. Apply with a palette knife by spreading it over a surface (board/panel/paper/canvas). Applied with a dry palette knife, the texture will be similar to rough handmade paper. Use a bit of water on your palette knife and run over the wet application to eliminate some of the roughness for a surface more like cold press paper. (Item #7002020-5)

QoR Lift Aid-118 ml

Lift Aid™ (118 ml) A fluid medium for water color surfaces to improve the lifting of watercolors.  Lift Aid may be applied to paper before painting or between washes. (Item # 7001550-4)

QoR Light Dimensional Ground-237ml

Light Dimensional Ground Light Dimensional Ground A white, lightweight paste that spreads like frosting, Light Dimensional Ground can be applied smooth and thinly, or built up to create ridges, peaks and other interesting textures. Use on a wide variety of surfaces, including board, canvas, wood, panel, and paper. May be wet sanded. The extremely absorbent surface of Light Dimensional Ground allows washes to spread quickly, while accommodating fine lines and detail as well. Dropping color into lightly wetted areas creates beautiful blooms. (Item #7002010-5)

QoR Masking Fluid-59ml

Masking Fluid Masking Fluid A latex-based masking fluid to complement QoR watercolors and mediums. Masking Fluid is ideal for creating hard-edges and highlights within watercolor compositions. The key to success when using masking fluid is making certain everything is thoroughly dry before each application or removal. (Do not apply heat to accelerate drying!) Also, because this product can be very difficult to remove from brushes after it dries, we recommend dedicating a brush or tool for use with this product, do not use with fine watercolor brushes. (Item #7001600-2)

QoR Synthetic Ox Gall-59ml

A wetting agent that improves the flow of watercolors, 2-5 drops added to water makes paints easier to apply and blend when creating washes.  Wetting paper with a water and Synthetic Ox Gall mixture assists in creating clean, uniform washes and improves wetting on hard sized papers. (Item #7001000-2)

QoR Watercolor Ground-237ml

Watercolor Ground Qor Watercolor Grounds Creates an absorbent surface that allows for soft edges and flowing wet-in-wet techniques. May be brush applied for a linen-like texture, rolled on for a dappled effect, or scraped on smoothly with a palette knife. May also be lightly wet sanded for a smoothness similar to a hot pressed surface. May be applied to many different materials, including canvas and panel. Watercolor Ground dries to a lightfast, flexible surface that withstands repeated lifting and scrubbing. (Item #7002000-5)

Sennelier Masking Fluid/ Drawing Gum 250ml

Allows the isolation of background areas when used with watercolor, ink or gouache. Can be applied with a brush or nib. Slightly colored to differentiate from white backgrounds. Let dry for 2-3 minutes before applying colors. After it dries, it can be removed. Test on paper surface first.