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Camel Drawing Ink Set of 12 shades x 20ml

Camel Colored Drawing Inks are transparent and flow easily from brush. Of the 16 shades of colored inks, 14 shades are dye-based with very high tincture power, transparency and brilliance. White is made from light-fast pigments. Micro-fine carbon black combined with special water based resins makes black drawing ink opaque.
Fully Intermixable and water soluble, they are ideal for line drawing, studio illustrations, visualizations, fashion drawing or interior and architectural work.  

Camel Photo Colours Set 12 shades x 20ml

Transparent Photo Colours are based on dyes. They are highly transparent, easy-to-use and may be mixed with one another, in any proportion to create the required shades. They are ideal for colouring black and white photographs, slides and touching up of colour photograph.

Camel Special Waterproof Drawing Ink Black 20ml

  • Camel Special Waterproof Drawing Ink Black
  • Camel Drawing Inks are transparent, stream effortlessly from brush
  • They have a high shading quality and are transparent

DALER ROWNEY Aquafine Watercolour Ink, 29.5ML Open Stock

  • Daler-Rowney Aquafine Watercolour Inks are pigment-based inks that are perfect for a wide range of uses and techniques. The Aquafine Inks can be applied directly using the included dropper or use brushes, empty paint markers, technical pens or airbrushes.
    • Pigment-based inks.
    • High lightfastness (3*).
    • Vibrant and transparent colours.
    • Great mixing ability.
    • Ideal for producing technical illustrations and finely worked drawings.
    • Made in England.

Daler Rowney FW Artist Ink, 29.5ML Open Stock

  • FW Artists Ink is an acrylic based pigmented water resistant ink (on most surfaces) in a range of colours, all of which have either a 3 or 4 star rating for permanence. Such a high degree of lightfastness over such a range of fully intermixable colours makes them ideal for use by artists in the production of pictures for permanent display.Equally, however, colours can be substantially diluted to achieve the most subtle of tones, very similar in character to watercolour. Such washes will dry to a water resistant film on virtually all surfaces and successive layers of colour can be laid over.

DALER ROWNEY System 3 Acrylic Ink, 29.5ML Open Stock

  • Daler-Rowney System 3 Acrylic Inks are a range of strong and vibrant water-based acrylic inks. The colours are all opaque, and though they can be thinned with water, they are water-resistant once dry.
  • Painters who are used to using System 3 Acrylics or Heavy Body Acrylics will take to the familiar selection of colours easily.
  • These paints support a varied range of applications. They can be poured, dripped using the pipette lid, applied with a paint brush or with paint markers such as Daler-Rowney FW Mixed Media Markers.
  • They are also suitable for calligraphy pens, dip pens and airbrushes. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, on a wide variety of surfaces: paper, canvas, textiles, wood, metal, brick walls, plastic or ceramic.

Daler-Rowney Luma Bleedproof Ink White


What is Luma Ink?

Daler-Rowney Luma Ink is a water dilutable, opaque white watercolour that should feature in every artist’s toolbox. Favoured by amateur and creative artists across the globe, Luma Ink is ideal for rectifying small mistakes and adding highlights to artwork.

Daler-Rowney Luma Ink

Small errors can detract from any piece of work and should be corrected where possible. Should artists need to touch up their work, they can do so easily with Luma Ink. As Daler-Rowney Luma Watercolour Ink seamlessly covers mistakes, it is an excellent product for any artist to have in their arsenal. Unlike other inks on the market, Luma Ink has an extremely high opacity, making it appropriate for cleaning up edges and highlighting richer black inks. In addition to its unbeatable opacity, Luma Watercolour Ink is also fully bleed-proof and smear-resistant. The unmatched control offered by Luma Ink gives artists the reliable protection they need to produce incredible work. Though Luma Watercolour Ink is frequently used as a retouching tool, it can also be diluted with water for flooding and blending work. As Luma Ink is mixable with gouache and watercolours, it is also an excellent choice for artists who require multi-technique ink in their toolbox. With the ability to cover dyes, designers’ gouache colours, markers, and more, Luma Watercolour Ink is a versatile product that can be relied upon to fix artistic blunders.

Tools within the Luma Ink range

To achieve the most dynamic outcome with Daler-Rowney Luma Ink, it is recommended that you invest in smooth paper. As smooth paper creates polished linework, any corrections and highlighting will naturally appear more professional. Daler-Rowney’s Smooth Paper is ideal for pen and ink work, and with paper weighting ranging from 96gsm to 220gsm, artists can select the perfect base for the task at hand. The Luma Ink range also pairs beautifully with Daler-Rowney’s Aquafine Watercolour Inks and Calli Calligraphy Inks. Both ink ranges are perfect for several uses and techniques, offering excellent flow when used with a pen or brush. Due to the delicate and precise nature of calligraphy work, artists are bound to appreciate a chance to touch up imperfect linework with Luma Ink.

Daler-Rowney Pro Inks

These opaque water-soluble paints have been a staple in the supply boxes of artists, designers and illustrators for years. Versatile PRO paint is super-opaque for superior covering power, whether erasing mistakes or adding highlights and details, and can be thinned down for washes or for use in a pen or airbrush. Whether you want the whitest whites or blackest blacks, PRO White and Black offer the highest covering power over watercolors, marker, pen and ink and more on paper, acetate, and photos — and it won't yellow, crack or chip over time. For the most opaque, most versatile cover sure to become an indispensable addition to your supplies, use PRO-White and PRO-Black from Daler-Rowney!
Key Features:
  • Very opaque watercolor
  • Superior covering power
  • Water-soluble, can be thinned down
  • For use with brush, pen, or airbrush
Perfect For:
  • Fine artists and designers
  • Comic book artists & illustrators
  • Covering mistakes & adding detail
  • Getting the whitest whites & blackest blacks


Dr. Ph. Martin's Black Star India Inks are lightfast, permanent, and waterproof when dry. Hi-Carb is a gloss finish ink with an extremely high carbon content, best when used on acetate where density and line integrity are most important. It produces excellent results when used with technical pens or calligraphy dip pens. Flows through a 4x0 (0.134 mm) pen tip. Also good for works on paper, illustration board, and canvas. While extremely opaque, this ink contains no varnish or shellac. Comes in a 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle with dropper.
brush airbrush dip pen technical pen


Dr. Ph. Martin's Black Star India Inks are lightfast, permanent, and waterproof when dry. This matte finish ink will not reflect light, making it ideal for use on paper, illustration board, and canvas. It produces excellent results when used with technical pens or calligraphy dip pens. Flows through a 4x0 (0.134 mm) pen tip. While extremely opaque, this ink contains no varnish or shellac. Comes in a 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle with dropper.
brush airbrush dip pen technical pen

Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink 30ml & 250ml

  • Colour Black Indian Ink 
  • Permanance A - Permanent
  • Opacity Opaque/ Semi- Opaque
  • Good, Old fashioned drawing ink formulated from series of soluble dyes in a superior shellac binder leaves brilliant sheen
  • Fast Drying, Water resistant and transparent have excellent adhesion on most surfaces
  • unsurpassed in strength and brilliance of colour
  • Suitable with brush, dip pen or airbrush
  • Widely used by designers, calligraphers and artists as well as illustrators

Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink Set of 8

The Winsor and Newton range of drawing inks consists of 26 waterproof colors. The colors are all very strong and bright. The set William contains 8 introduction colors. The drawing ink consists of dyes and a shellac binding agent. This binder gives a glossy finish. Due to the composition, the paint dries quickly. The intro set William no 2 contains 8 bottles of 14 ML: 030, 046, 227, 469, 542, 633, 660 and 680

How do you use drawing ink?

You can use the ink straight from the jar. You can of course also dilute the ink first to make the colors less powerful and thinner. Do use distilled water, so that the dye does not separate. All colors can be mixed with each other.