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Add Gel Brush Pen Set of 12

Reasonably Priced twin-tip brush pen markers set from add gel.

Adjustable Set Square With Inking Edge- Sitaram

  • SITARAM Adjustable Set Squares Comes in 4 sizes 6", 10", 12", 14"
  • White Acrylic Markings, Thickness: 2.8mm
  • Clear Acrylic With Bevel Edge
  • Size - 250mm
  • Comes With Storage Pouch

3M Command™ Hook Holds


Command™ Damage-Free Hanging, Holds Strongly, Removes Cleanly.

Command™ Hooks are available in a wide range of designs to match your individual style and decor. They also come in a variety of sizes and hold a surprising amount of weight - up to 3.4kgs! Forget about nails, screws and tacks, Command™ Hooks are fast and easy to hang! Using the revolutionary Command™ Adhesive, stick to many surfaces, including paint, wood, tile and more. Yet, they also come off leaving no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains. Rehanging them is as easy as applying a Command™ Refill Strip, so you can take down, move and reuse them again and again!

  • Damage-Free HangingColour: White
  • Package Contents: 1 hanger, 2 strips
  • Holds strongly and removes cleanly
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Works on a variety of surfaces.


  • Pure liquid ink for smooth skip-free writing
  • Ink tank indicates remaining ink level
  • Advanced ink system maximises ink usage
  • ATT system for instant start
  • Traditional design of sign pen with thicker polyester fiber soft tip
  • 2.0mm medium tip 0.6mm width of stroke


  • Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator with 417 Functions
  • Natural Textbook Display- Input and display fractions, powers, logarithms, roots, and other mathematical formulas and symbol just as they appear in textbooks
  • List Based Stat-Data Editor for Easy Viewing and Statistical Calculation
  • Probability, Calculus, Permutation Combination, Random Number Calculation features
  • Table Function for Function exploration
  • Colour coded keypad for easy key differentiation
  • Dual Powered - Solar & Battery Solar powered when light is sufficient, battery powered when light is insufficient.
  • Comes with slide-on hard case
  • Suitable for Engineering, University, & School students
  • 3 Years All India Manufacturer Warranty

Casio Scientific Calculator fx-991EX

    • Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator with 552 Functions
    • 4-times better resolution than Casio 991ES Plus for easier viewing on long expressions
    • Natural Textbook Display- Input and display fractions, powers, logarithms, roots, and other mathematical formulas and symbol just as they appear in textbooks
    • Scientific Calculator with inbuilt QR Code function -- QR Code feature generate graphical visualization of given equation in your smart device. It also helps you to access calculator user manual on your smart phone.
    • Faster than any previous Casio Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator
    • Up to Four Degree Simultaneous and Polynomial Solver
    • Numerical Integration, Differentiation, Statistics, Matrix, Vector Calculation
    • Colour coded keypad for easy key differentiation for Secondary and tertiary functions.
    • Dual Powered - Solar & Battery so that you can use for long time without the need of battery replacement
    • Attractive and elegant look with metallic keys
    • Recommended by Engineering & UG Maths Students
    • 3 Years All India Manufacturer Warranty.


  • Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator with 401 Functions with 2-line Display
  • S-V.P.A.M. (Super Visually Perfect Algebraic Method): All the features of the existing V.P.A.M. series plus a new 2-line display and a useful Replay function. All this helps to make mathematics easier to use and easier to understand than ever before
  • Multi-replay: Quick and easy recall of previously executed formulas for editing and re-execution
  • 10 + 2 digits: 10-digit mantissa + 2-digit exponential display.
  • Solves Differentiation, Integration, Statistics, Regression, Matrix, Vector etc
  • Colour coded keypad for easy key differentiation
  • Comes with slide-on hard case
  • 3 Years All India Manufacturer Warranty

Conte A Paris Blanc 630 White Pencil

Conte offers a wide range of drawing and sketching pencils to meet the needs of every artist. The carbon pencils are virtually smudge-proof to protect frequently handled drawings from being marred. WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.

Conte A Paris Charcoal pencil, Open Stock

The charcoal in the Charcoal series pencil has carbon graphite in a deep, matte black color. It is highly appreciated by artists from all over the world for its use on all kinds of surfaces. Graphite is resistant to cracks, making it perfect for drawing on the go and outdoors. With it, you can sketch on sketchbooks, craft paper and linen canvas. The charcoal glides smoothly across the surface without scratching the paper.

Conte A Paris Pierre Noire Pencil, Open Stock

Conte Pierre Noire pencils are made with soft leads that are dense, deep, indelible and matt black. These pencils work brilliantly on all types of supports, from craft paper to linen canvas. These pencils are suited to both drawing and sketching. With a sharpened lead, the drawing is lively and accurate; with a half-worn lead, the work is more spontaneous and free.

Conte A Paris Sanguine Sepia, Open Stock

The colour of the Conte a Paris Sanguine pencil is a deep “rust” and its lines are easily blended. With a sharpened lead the drawing is accurate, the colour is transparent and if the work is lightly drawn the Sanguine pencil lets the texture of the paper appear. With a half-worn lead, the opacity increases with the pressure exerted on the pencil. Sanguine is frequently used in skteching to draw the body. For more complex work, it’s advisable to use Pierre Noire to emphasise the contrast and white pencil to highlight the areas of light on the body. Recommended for nudes, its colour recalls that of the skin when highlighted using white. Blending the colour creates the shading.

Conte Paris Pastel Pencil, Open Stock

  • * A range of quality pastel pencils.
  • * These pencils can provide the perfect solution to creating more linear and finer, more detailed work.
  • * Sharpen them with a razor blade or knife;Pencils come pre-sharpened.
  • * Length 176.5mm / Diameter 8.5mm / Lead diameter 5mm.