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Daler-Rowney Staywet Palette

The Daley Rowney Staywet Palette has been designed to keep acrylic colours wet and workable for a long period of time. It consists of a lidded tray into which a membrane system is placed and moistened. Acrylics can then be used on the top layer as a normal palette. Closing the lid ensures the system remains moist for days, and water may be added to extend the storage period further. This economical palette is 13" x 9.5" x 1" (33cm x 24cm x 2.5cm). It is a rectangular shape and has a transparent removable lid.  The palette contains 3 sheets of absorbent reservoir paper and 12 sheets of membrane paper. The refill pack for the Rowney acrylic palette contains 3 sheets of absorbent reservoir paper and 12 sheets of membrane paper. The size of palette refill is 202mm x 254mm

Daler-Rowney Tear-Off Paper Palette (A4, 40 Sheets)

The Daler Rowney Tear-Off Palette for oils and acrylics couldn’t be simpler to use. It is made from glossy paper, which you simply use as you would any palette then, once you’re finished, tear off and throw away – no cleaning required. The Daler-Rowney Tear-Off Palette contains 40 sheets. FEATURES
  • Paint palette with 40 easy tear off sheets on stiff chipboard backing.
  • Suitable for Acrylics and Oils
  • No need for clean up.
  • Clear acrylic-coated paper, 40 sheets (90gsm)

Mijello Double Decker Airtight Palette 40 Wells

  • Mijello Double Decker Airtight Palette is deal for plain air painting or painting while traveling.
  • The palette has 40 wells with dimensions - 33.5 cm X 17.5 cm X 3 cm
  • The palete includes a removable mixing tray which serves as an additional palette that stacks tightly with the base when closed
  • Unlike other normal palettes, it has a silicone gasket fit around the lid which makes it airtight and prevents wet colours from leaking through.

Mijello Ellipse Peel Off Palette S (Oil & Acrylic)


•  Designed by artists for artists


Mijello Fusion 18 – Airtight Palette (For Watercolors)

  • Leakproof/Airtight palette for watercolor
  • Removable clear mixing tray for easy clean up
  • 18 slanted wells; three (3) generous mixing areas
  • Keeps colors fresh and for weeks
  • Colors appear the same on paper as they do in palette.

Mijello FUSION 24 Airtight/Leak-proof Watercolor Palette

  • Colors appear the same on both the palette and watercolor paper

Mijello FUSION 33 Airtight/Leak-proof Watercolor Palette

•  Airtight chamber keeps paints fresh for days, even weeks •  Constructed of high-impact plastic for durability •  Removable inner tray allows for easy clean-up •  33 wells and a large mixing area •  Ideal for travel and plein air painting

Mijello Fusion Watercolor Palette Leakproof/Airtight 20 Wells

Constructed out of high quality, non-porous plastic the Mijello Fusion 20 Watercolour Palette is an ideal companion for the discerning artist. Featuring a free removable tray the palette offers extremely easily clean up. The Airtight palette ensures that your colors stay fresh for weeks together. As with all other Mijello palettes the colors appear on the palette just as they would on your watercolor paper. Ergonomically constructed the palette is comfortable to use for both left handed and right handed artists. Features:
  • Colors stay fresh for weeks
  • High Quality construction
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Colors appear the same on the palette and the paper
  • Removable acrylic tray

Mijello Multi Peel Off Palette – B

  • Mijello Multi peel off palette is used for all media.
  • Once the colour dries, it simply peel off from the palette.
  • The multi peel off palette is a curved palette lips to prevent the colours overflow between areas.
  • The multi peel off palette can be used by left of right handed artists.
  • There are 4 non-skid bumpers available to prevent sliding

Mijello Multipurpose Hold Peel Off Palette

  • Mijello multipurpose hold palette is an ergonomically designed palette for use by both left and right handed artists.
  • The multipurpose palette has 12 wells with dimensions - 41 X 25.5 X 1.5 cm
  • Owing to its weight balanced from the center, the palette feels lighter to hold while standing or sitting
  • The special surface coating allows dried acrylics to peel off from its surface easily
  • The palette can be used with all media like acrylics, oils or watercolors.

Mijello Peel Off Ellipse XL Palette (Acrylic & Oil Colour)

  • Mijello ellipse XL palette to use with acrylic and oil colours.
  • Once the paint dries, just peel off. The thin layers of colours can be wiped off with a wet cloth.
  • This ellipse XL palette includes four non-skid rubber bumpers
  • The comfortable grip is ideal for both right and left handed artists
  •  In the ellipse palette the central mixing area with raised perimeter for smaller portions of color.

Mijello Symphony Palette 24 Wells For Watercolors

  • Mijello symphony palette is an ergonomically designed watercolour palette use by both left and right handed artist with dimensions - 28 cm X 13 cm X 2.1 cm.
  • The symphony palette contains 24 mixing wells beside three divided wells, while the lid provides a large and uninterrupted space for additional mixing.
  • The palette is convenient to open and close with the magnetic fasteners on the side of the palette