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White Nights Blue Mixing Palette For Watercolors

  • The plastic palette from "White Nights" comes in two sizes
  • 16 cells palette comes with 2 large mixing areas
  • 18 cells palette comes with 2 large mixing areas along with 1 detachable mixing tray
  • Palette liner included for watercolour paints
  • Small cells for squeezing and storing paint, large cells for mixing
  • Easy to clean and comfortable to use
  • Suitable for use in studio & outdoors
  • Cover equipped with silicone insert for added seal and protection
  • Best to store and transport the palette in the horizontal position

Daler-Rowney Staywet Palette

The Daley Rowney Staywet Palette has been designed to keep acrylic colours wet and workable for a long period of time. It consists of a lidded tray into which a membrane system is placed and moistened. Acrylics can then be used on the top layer as a normal palette. Closing the lid ensures the system remains moist for days, and water may be added to extend the storage period further. This economical palette is 13" x 9.5" x 1" (33cm x 24cm x 2.5cm). It is a rectangular shape and has a transparent removable lid.  The palette contains 3 sheets of absorbent reservoir paper and 12 sheets of membrane paper. The refill pack for the Rowney acrylic palette contains 3 sheets of absorbent reservoir paper and 12 sheets of membrane paper. The size of palette refill is 202mm x 254mm

Sonnet Disposable Paper Palette – 40 sheets


Size: 23×30.5cm

  The tear off paper palettes are sopped with a waterproof coating. Suitable for mixing oil, acrylic, tempera ,  gouache and watercolors. They are disposable and do not require cleaning after use. It is the most convenient artist’ accessory for plain air.    

Daler-Rowney Tear-Off Paper Palette (A4, 40 Sheets)

The Daler Rowney Tear-Off Palette for oils and acrylics couldn’t be simpler to use. It is made from glossy paper, which you simply use as you would any palette then, once you’re finished, tear off and throw away – no cleaning required. The Daler-Rowney Tear-Off Palette contains 40 sheets. FEATURES
  • Paint palette with 40 easy tear off sheets on stiff chipboard backing.
  • Suitable for Acrylics and Oils
  • No need for clean up.
  • Clear acrylic-coated paper, 40 sheets (90gsm)

Mont Marte Brush Washer Signature Stainless Steel Set

The Mont Marte Stainless Steel Brush Washer is an invaluable accessory for artists and provides a quick and convenient way to clean and dry your brushes. The stainless steel spiral handle suspends brushes in turpentine or water, protecting brush bristles to give them a longer life. This spiral also allows brushes to be suspended in air to dry when the washer is empty. The mesh screen in the bottom of the washer provides a semi abrasive surface to clean brushes and also allows sediment to settle in the base so water or turpentine can be reused for cleaning.

Mont Marte Studio Tidy

  • Durable: this art studio organization tool is made with a strong, durable plastic frame
  • Suitable for a range of tools: 96 compartments fit paint brushes, pencils, markers, pens and modeling tools
  • Quick to assemble: the simple, yet highly practical design, provides hassle-free assemblage
  • Easy care: this plastic desk tidy is washable
  • Excellent organization: keeps your studio space tidy and your tools in easy reach

Porcelain Ceramic Palettes for Painting

Introduction: The ceramic palette for painting is made from a ceramic material that blends various colours on a palette, especially for gouache, watercolour, and acrylic painting. The entire structure of the palette is crafted in a way that can adjust different colours simultaneously and has multiple blocks that are prepared at a distance from each other so that the paint doesn't overlap. Moreover, it is sturdy, durable, fragile, heavy, stainless, and non-toxic in nature. Most of our ceramic palettes for watercolours painting have a snow-white glossy glaze. It saves you from water beading and enhances the overall performance of the paint colours. Ceramic palettes for watercolour painting are often considered a better choice than metal palettes or plastic palettes. It is due to the heavy weight that allows it to keep the colours on its plates that can withstand heavy weather as well without flipping the palette. You can purchase them according to your desired design, such as rectangular shapes, squares, flower circular, etc. Colour Mixing: The ceramic palettes for watercolours painting is used to blend multiple colours leading to beautiful creations of unique colours. You can use various styles of colours for mixing, such as watercolour, gouache, acrylic, etc., for painting on Stretched Canvas, metals, wood, etc. Supportive Tool: The palettes are well-known for holding colours on their surface without flipping or staining the palette. It makes it easier for art professionals to colour with ease. Types of Ceramic Palettes: There are various types of Ceramic Palettes for Painting, such as Ceramic Gouache Palettes, Ceramic Watercolour Palettes, Cloud Ceramic Palettes, Cloud Palettes, and Handmade Ceramic Palettes. Other than this, typically, palettes come in metal & plastic materials too. You can find them in various shapes and grids, such as square, rectangular, circular, and an amalgamation of one or another. Generally, a ten-grid Ceramic Palette is ideal for professional artists. Rest, you can purchase according to your unique requirement. Brands of Ceramic Palette: we only deal in providing top-notch quality products that are suitable to meet the needs of students, professional artists, or as well as other art enthusiasts. Our firm offers Ceramic Palette in a rectangular shape with ten grids. You can use a Ceramic Palette either for acrylic, tempera painting, water colouring, oil, or for gouache painting. This eco-friendly, premium, and durable ceramic palette allows you to mix vibrant colours without staining your palette. The best part about Ceramic Palette is that when you combine different colours on the palette, it does not flip around, ensuring that your palette is heavy enough to sit sturdily on a particular surface. It is easy to clean the ceramics palette supplied by us. You need to use a sponge or any tissue and clean the Ceramic Palette surface using hot water and then put it under the running water to clean everything. After drying, it will be good to go for your subsequent usage.

ShinHan Professional Tear off Paper Palette for Watercolor, Acrylic & Oil Colours

ShinHan Professional Tear Off Paper Palette Suitable For Watercolors, Acrylics & Oil Colours Size : 350 x 250 mm (13.8 x 9.8 inch) Palette cobtains 25 Sheets and the paper is 75 g/m2

ShinHan Professional Watercolour Palette 53+2

ShinHan Professional Watercolor Palette (35+2 colors) ShinHan Professional Water Color Palette is made of Polycarbonate, an extremely durable (30 times stronger than acrylic) lightweight material. Suitable for all water-based media, it is designed to incorporate features that many professional painters, designers and art teachers will appreciate. It folds and locks for travel or storage, and has 3 large mixing areas, 35 color wells, and 2 unique round wells to ensure exact color reproduction. Total number of color wells can be maximized to 53 wells plus 2 unique round wells by inserting ShinHan Professional Watercolor subsidiary 18 color Palette (Sold Separately). The 53 wells+ 2 unique  round wells includes the insert of 18.

ShinHan Watercolour Palette 24 Wells

This plastic palette from Shinhan is excellent quality, has a nice sturdy feel and can be used with watercolour, as well as inks and dyes. It has 24 wells, allowing artists to experiment with mixing broad colour palettes to achieve desired results. The Shinhan 24 slanted well, rectangular, folding watercolour palette is manufactured from High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS). Dimensions (closed) -  27.6 x 29.9 x 1.7 cm.

ShinHan Watercolour Palette 42 Wells

This plastic palette from Shinhan is excellent quality, has a nice sturdy feel and can be used with watercolour, as well as inks and dyes. It has 42 wells, allowing artists to experiment with mixing broad colour palettes to achieve desired results. The Shinhan 42 slanted well, rectangular, folding watercolour palette is manufactured from High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS). Dimensions (closed) - 15.7 x 36.6x 3.0 cm

Kidney Shaped 20 Wells Plastic Palette

  • The Pallet is suitable for use with all painting media including watercolour, oils, acrylics, tempera, poster paints. The palettes are made of durable plastic or wood and are easy to store and to clean. This heavy duty Oval Plastic.Key Features:
    •  Made of durable, white, lightweight plastic, 100% recycled materials.
    •  Large work area (34.5x25cm).
    • Built-in handle.
    • Ergonomic design for right or left-handed artists.
    • Well-balanced for less hand and arm fatigue.
    • It has 6 large wells and 14 small wells.
    • Large wells are great for mixing larger volumes of paint.
    • Easy-clean surface.
    • Great for oil acrylic or watercolour paints.
    • Perfect buy for artists' & amatures.Palette has 14 deep small wells each of 5/8" which are great for placing fluid acrylics and regular body acrylics, while the 6 large wells each of big deep mixing areas provide a dam between mixing sections so colors wont migrate. Measuring a generous 34.5CMX25CM, the Kidney Shaped 20 wells Palette also features an ergonomic grip thumb hole that sits comfortably in either the right or left hand and simply flip the palette over.
    • It is ideal for both oils, acrylics & watercolours. This allows easy clean up with acrylic & watercolours colors by means of using water or for oil colors with odorless paint solvents. Perfect buy for artists' & amatures.