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Canvas Pliers Open Stock

  • Canvas pliers have a good grip
  • Professional quality pliers for stretching canvas.
  • It help to hold canvas firmly while stretching it on a canvas wooden stretcher

Decola Metallic Leaf , Open Stock

Decola Metal leaf in a book is divided by paper which provides convenience in work. An artist does not need special gilding brush for carrying a leaf on a surface. The leaf is taken with paper, cut by scissors if necessary and carried on an object. 1) Suitable size: this set of gilding foil is square, and the size is approx. 14 x 14 cm/ 5.5 x 5.5 inches, suitable size for common use. 2) 2 Colors: These foils are in 2 colors, gold & silver, general colors can meet your various needs, fit for art, crafts decoration, gilding crafting and frames 3) Special packaging: There are thin papers between every 2 foils 4) Quantity: 25 pieces of foils in each packet.

Kangaro Miles Gun Tacker TP-10

This stapler gun from Kangaro can hold a total of 100 pins which can be loaded in an easy drop-in method. This product also includes a reload indicator. The handle lock that comes as a part of this product enables easy storage. This stapler gun comes with a plastic body and includes a metal handle.
  • Plastic body with metal handle
  • Handle lock for easy storage
  • Staple use 24/6, 23/6, 23/8, 23/10, T-8, T-10

Kangaro Miles Gun Tacker TS-13H

You can bind paper with a press of a finger with this stapler. Constructed with steel, this device is designed for heavy duty use. It is an ideal product for fastening bulk papers at a faster rate. You can store it in the office or at home, because it culminates into a simple solution for your stapling problems. It also avoids paper crunching and jams. The handle lock enables the user to store the device in any corner. Due to the handle lock, unapproved access is restricted in your absence. Key Features Heavy duty all steel robust construction. Ideal for industrial & Professional use. Handle lock for easy storage

Kangaro Miles Gun Tacker TS-2380A

  • Heavy duty all steel robust construction
  • Ideal for industrial and professional use with force adjustable knob
  • Color of the product delivered is subject to stock availability
  • This product also includes a reload indicator. The handle lock that comes as a part of this product enables an easy storage.

Kangaro Miles Stapler TS-623

All metal robust construction. Compact design with no loose parts. Easy drop-in loading with reload indicator. Handle lock for easy storage. Ergonomic handle with soft rubber grip for extra working comfort & least fatigue.
Used For:
Textile Canvas Leather Iron boards Upholstery etc.

Kangaro Stapler Pin 23/8

  • Brand : (Kangaro) , Type: Kangaro Stainless Stell Staples No. 23/8 (8mm - 1000 staples/box ) to be used with gun tacker
  • Features : Staples No.23/8 (8mm) are used with all Kangaro Gun tackers models (TP10, TS13H, TS623, TS2380A, TS2313A)

Kangaro Stapler Pin 24/6

  • Made from rust resistance wire
  • Durable
  • High quality steel wire used
  • 1000 staples in a pack
  • Can be used in Gun Tacker like TP-10

Max Gun Tacker TG-A

  • Max Gun Tacker TG-A is light in weight and small in size to handle easily
  • It is less fatigue to users and long durability
  • Used for the applications such as stapling canvas on strechers, posters, roofing papers, fibreglass etc
  • Also making wood working upholstery and under-layments for carpets, wood working.