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Boss of Art Linoleum Cutter Set

  • Boss of Art Linoleum Cutters are made of the finest quality steel with long lasting cutting edges.Contains cutters Nos. 1 (liner), 2 (V-shaped liner), 3 (large liner), 5 (large gouge), and 6 (knife). With screw chuck handle.Linoleum Cutters fit holders for standard Boss Of Art lettering pen nibs.With firm printmaking materials such as linoleum, where a palm grip is needed,? use them with the Boss Of Art Linoleum Cutter Handle .This set contains two Boss of Art Handle and one each of styles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.Note image shows multiple handle but set contains only one red handle.

Boss of Art Soft Cut Polymer Linoleum Sheets for Lino Printing All Sizes

  • Boss Of Art Polymer sheets have a smooth, soft cutting surface (softer than linoleum) for easy, effort free cutting, mark-making and art prints
  • Suitable for intaglio/surface printing on to a variety of media including paper; card; fabric etc. Great for all types of Lino print
  • Polymer Printing Sheets are perfect for relief printing and a great cost-effective alternative to traditional lino
  • Their smooth surface makes them really easy to carve - cutters glide through the pliable surface leaving clean and detailed marks - akin to a soft cut Lino
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE - please be aware that this product is NOT suitable for use with laser cutting machinery. Doing so could result in the release of toxic fumes and the risk of fire

Essdee Lino Cutting & Printing Kit

Essdee has been making its famous British Scraperboard the UK since 1942. Our range of Scraperboard, etching tools, block printing tools and materials are instantly recognisable around the world. Our innovative Linoleum printing tools make this traditional craft more accessible to a wider range of age groups and abilities, with easier to use materials, safety equipment and imaginative products. This comprehensive kit includes a wide selection of tools and materials for Lino Cutting and printing. You can experiment with artisan printing techniques and compare traditional lino and the new Softcut materials, which add new possibilities for beginners and experienced users alike. The 6 different lino cutters allow varied carving styles, whilst the safety cutter and hand guard ensure safe working for younger or less experienced users. The 3-in-1 Baren is a tool for transferring ink from your lino block to paper, but can also be used as a desk tidy for your cutters and as a stamping tool when used with the included self-adhesive Softcut? discs. You can make many prints with the water based ink whilst keeping your work space clean with the handy ink tray. This educational and fun kit is ideal for making unique greeting cards, gifts, posters or even great works of art. Full instructions are included. Recommended Age: 12 and up with adult supervision. This Box includes; (5 x Lino Cutters Styles 1 to 5, 1 x Safety Lino Cutter, Style A, 1 x Lino Cutter Handle, 1 x Aluminium Ferrule, 2 x Linoleum Blocks 178x127mm, 2 x Softcut Blocks 150x100mm, 1 x Practice Piece, 1 x Ink Roller (Brayer) 100mm Wide, 1 x Ink Tray 240x200mm, 1 x Safety Hand Guard, 1 x Baren Cap, 1 x Baren Base, 1 x Tube of Premium Quality Water-Based Block Printing Ink (100ml), 2 x 45mm Printing Stamps, 1 x Instructions). Manufactured in UK.

Sitaram Lino Roller (OPEN STOCK)

  • Essential tool for anyone working with lino or other block printing methods.
  • Easy-clean polypropylene. Hanging Hole. Built in rest.
  • Rigid Frame. Nylon self-lubricating bearings.
  • Ensure to be smooth, offering an even ink application that has no imperfections.
  • Size available 2, 4, 6 inches and comes in Red & Black Handle.