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DOMS Brush Pens Colour 14 Shades

  • Super Soft Tip
  • Brilliant Colours
  • Includes One Silver and Gold Shade Inside This Pack
  • Explore your Creativity with Doms Brush Pens Crafted to Create Thick and Thin Strokes with Super Soft Tip That Gives Water Colour Effect with Its Water Based INk
  • Available in 14 Shades
  • Also has a free Montval Pack of 300gsm Watercolour paper pack.

DOMS Colour Pencil 12 & 24 Shades

Bright colours Soft colour lead High quality natural pigments Easily intermixable Smooth performance

DOMS Colour Pencil Round Tin Pack 24 Shades

  • Bright colours
  • Soft colour lead
  • Superior quality natural pigments
  • Comes in premium round tin container
  • Excellent colour lay down

DOMS Glitter Colour 6 Shades

DOMS Glitter Tubes 6 tubes containing glitter glue for children to use for art, craft and card making. With a pen shaped tip for accuracy and an easy to squeeze tube, they are perfect for children to use. Contains 6 paper glitter tubes Silver, Gold, Green, Blue, Red and Magenta. Decorate anything from paper to earthenware with these glitters and see how your projects shine. Widely used to make decorative products, cosmetics, textile and plastic molding. Fine nozzle for fine outlining & filling Ideal for Decorating Greeting Cards, Pots, Paintings, Thermocol etc.

DOMS Jumbo Oil Pastel 25 Shades

  • 25 Assorted Shades
  • Multi Colours
  • Dia.0 11mm for Perfect Grip
  • Superior Intermixing Quality for Better Effect
  • Size 69mm Length and 11 mm Dia. Each
  • 25 N. Oil Pastel Assorted Shades + 1 N Scrapper
  • Colour Shade Swatches: White, Lemon Yellow, Medium Yellow, Deep Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Flesh Tint, Orange, Vermillion Hue, Primary Red, Pink, Rose Pink, Light Green, Deep Green, Sap Green, Light Blue, Cerulean Blue Hue, Ultramarine Blue Hue, Prussian Blue, Violet, Dark Violet, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Grey, Black
  • Artist Grade Pastels

DOMS Junior Art Kit

Doms Junior Art Kit is a gift pack for your kids or your little friends with Zipper Carry Bag. Pack contains: 1. Drawing Book 2. Pencil Pack 3. Colour Pencil Pack 4. Plastic Crayon Pack 5. Oil Pastel Pack 6. Water Colour Pen 7. Wax Crayon Pack 8. Stencil 9. Eraser-Sharpener

DOMS Long Jumbo Wax Crayons 12 & 24 Shades

  • Product : Wax Crayons
  • Rich bright colours
  • Even colour Shading
  • Smudge free

DOMS Metallic Brush Pen Set of 10

Doms Brush Pens are crafted to create thick & thin strokes with Super Soft Tip that gives water colour effect with it’s water based ink. Doms Brush Pens enables you to create Luminous Paintings of your choice. 10 Metallic Shades with opaque and water-based ink enable to create a sparkling effect on  both light and dark surfaces.

DOMS Neon Pencils

  • Lead with Hi-Quality graphite for dark & neat writing which stays longer
  • Accurate bonding process
  • Softened and well treated wood for smooth sharpening and longer shelf life
  • Meets international Quality standard
Contains 10 Pencils 1 Sharpener

DOMS Oil Pastel Set 25 & 50 Shades

  • Bright colours
  • Smooth colour laydown
  • Scrapper tool for effective colouring techniques
  • Even colouring texture
  • Ideal for intermixing, shading, highlighting and texturing
  • Hexagonal Shape Plastic Pack

DOMS Painting Kit

This amazing painting kit is a perfect gift for every kid with a colourful imagination This set includes Drawing Book, BI Colour Pencil Pack, Oil Pastel Pack, Water Colour Cake Pack, Water Colour Pen Pack, Wax Crayon Pack, Pencil, Eraser-Sharpener Each product in this pack is of the highest quality. They are reliable and will last longer

DOMS Plastic Crayons Round Tin Pack 14 & 28 Shades

  • Rich vibrant colours
  • Smooth colour application
  • Break resistant
  • Premium quality
  • Easy sharpening
  • Country of Origin: India