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Decola Metal Flakes Gold, Silver & Mix Jar

Leaf flakes is an imitation of leaf coverings made of precious metals. It is convenient to use beaded chips in gilding when you do not need to obtain a large, perfectly smooth surface. It is easier and more economical to "sprinkle" current lines, rims and small decors in the gilding stencil technique with gold, silver or mix of 3 flakes ( gold, silver & copper). In addition, the flakes may vary slightly in shade or even be multi-colored. In this case, you will get an additional decorative effect. To apply gold leaf in crumbs, you will need a wide soft brush, glue for the leaf, and a protective varnish (since the leaf is just an imitation of precious metals and therefore oxidizes over time). Gold leaf in flakes is used for classic gilding, as well as for making jewelry and creating special effects, for example, craquelure (cracking effect), light and shade transitions. The surface must be degreased before use. Apply Decola gilding glue . Spread the flakes with a brush, or sprinkle on top of the item to be decorated. Once dry apply Decola Guiding Varnish for best results. The gilding made with flakes creates an interesting decorative effect.