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White Nights Granulating Watercolour 12 Full Pans Set

All paints in this series consist of two to three pigments that have different particle sizes and specific gravity. These colours fascinate by the movement of pigments in water. Most interestingly they show their extraordinary character in wet work, when a large amount of water on the sheet allows pigment particles to move unhindered. The effects of pigment lamination appear some time after the application of strokes and are best seen in dried work. In the paints there are included also special additives that stabilize the movement of pigment particles in the mixtures. The granulating paints have noble complex colours and will enrich classical painting with the original effects of granulation and lamination of pigments, inspire the creation of abstract compositions with unusual technical solutions. The nature of the effects for granulating series significantly depends on the type of paper: the use of watercolour paper with a pronounced texture (Fin and Torchon) will increase the granulation effect. The set contains the following colours
  • Aquamarine Mist (559)
  • Blue Shadows (556)
  • Cobalt Mist (560)
  • Dark Blue Shadows (555)
  • Green Shadows (760)
  • Grey Pink Mist (832)
  • Hematite Mist (632)
  • Lilac Mist (631)
  • Sky Blue Shadows (557)
  • Taiga Mist (761)
  • Violet Shadows (629)
  • Violet- Mist (630)