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Awagami Art Pad Gasenshi Sumi Ink 15 sheets Open Stock


This high-quality paper is lightly sized allowing ink to gently "bleed" on the sheet (a trait of Japanese sumi painting). Long established for ink-work, Gasenshi’s subtle laid lines and smooth surface enhance the gestural beauty of your paintings. Sheets are backed with an additional recycled/removable paper to prevent bleed-through. May also be used for drawing, mixed-media & letterpress.Size: 14.8cm x 10cm and 27.2 x 24.2cm.


Awagami Art Pads Bamboo Sumi Ink Painting 15 sheets Open Stock


Originally created for Asian style ink painting, 'Bamboo Sumi' highlights the expressive brushwork and 'bleed' of traditional ink painting. This paper is wonderfully soft and sensual to the touch and also works with other painting and drawing mediums. Each pad has interleaf pages placed between sheets to prevent any bleed-through. 'Bamboo Sumi' is 70% bamboo + 30% recycled pulp - acid-free, unsized and made exclusively at Awagami.

Size:Postcard : 10cm x 14.8cm,SM : 22.8cm x 15.8cm,Signature board : 24.2cm x 27.2cm


Awagami Art Pads Bamboo Watercolour 15 sheets Open Stock


An eco-friendly blend of 70% bamboo + 30% recycled pulp and sized for water-based media. With its subtly textured surface, Awagami Bamboo responds beautifully to artists' brushstrokes and has less sticky sizing than European papers - this allows for the papers lovely surface to unify with pigment effortlessly offering artists more organic results. 100% acid-free and made solely at Awagami, Japan.

Size:Postcard (14.8 x 10cm),SM (22.8 x 15.8cm),F4 (33.2 x 24.2cm)