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Daler Rowney Georgian Fan Brushes Long Handle Series 84


Daler-Rowney Georgian Fan Brushes Series 84 are the perfect choice for oil painters for creating subtle and gentle effects and for blending wet colours into one another. They are ideal for stippling and dry brush effects.

Oil painting calls for resilient, durable and sturdy hog bristle brushes that have good colour retention and are easy to use. Daler-Rowney Georgian Fan Brushes Series 84 have extra-fine quality Chungking bristle with a high percentage of natural flags for maximum colour-holding and smooth flexible strokes. They have long handles.

Daler Rowney Graduate Bristle Fan Long Handle Brush



  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate levelled artists
  • Natural bristle hair - great for oils and acrylics
  • Wide brush ideal for stippling, dry brush effects and blending textures


The wide brush head of this Bristle Fan Long Handle Brush from Daler-Rowney's Graduate collection will provide smooth and even strokes as your brush glides across your latest masterpiece. This brush is great for blending texture and wet colours in both landscape and portraiture, creating special effects, grass, fur and foliage and is ideal for stippling and dry brush effects.


  • Material: Wood
  • Brush Head Size: 2