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Mont Marte Premium Acrylic Medium Gloss, Crackle Paste, Modellin Paste, Impasto, Light Moulding Paste and Gesso Open Stock

Mont Marte Acrylic Medium Gloss  Mix with acrylic paints to create glazes, washes and watercolour effects. Use varying amounts to create different levels of paint translucence. Can also be used as a varnish for acrylic artworks. Dries to a gloss finish clean up with warm soapy water while wet. Mont Marte Premium Crackle Paste Apply a thin layer of crackle paste to your surface and let it dry before painting. For a more dramatic effect apply a thin layer of PVA glue to your surface and allow to dry (approx. 20-30 minutes) before applying crackle paste. Clean up with warm soapy water while wet. Suitable for acrylic Mont Marte Premium Modellin Paste  Apply to surface using a palette knife to build 3D effects and texture. Embed small objects to add a decorative element. Let it dry before painting. Clean up with warm soapy water while wet. Suitable for all points Mont Marte Premium Impasto Mix with acrylic paints to create impasto techniques, texture and thick brush strokes. Can also be used to increase paint volume. Clean up with warm soapy water while wet. Mont Marte Premium Light Moulding Paste If you want to add a dash of dimension to your work, try the Light Moulding Paste. It will dry to an opaque, matte finish and hold high peaks, adding interesting effects to your work. This modelling paste can be used on a range of surfaces including canvas and wood and is a lightweight formula, meaning it won’t weigh down your masterpiece. Tips: Use modelling paste to blend in with your acrylic paints and create expressive brush strokes or abstract palette knife marks. Size: 250ml (8.5oz) Mont Marte Premium Gesso If you’re looking to prime your surfaces before you begin creating, gesso may be the choice for you. This type of acrylic paint medium is available in clear black or white, and can prime and seal canvas, paper and board. Priming your surfaces with gesso before you begin painting, will give your work a smoother, more even surface and your paint won’t stick to or visibly sit in the weave of a canvas. Plus, it will reduce the acidity levels of paper and wood, meaning your painting will live longer. Priming with a textured gesso, will help build texture and add a whole lot of dimension to your canvas before you paint. Tips: Apply two thin coats of gesso for a smooth surface with Mont Marte Gesso Brushes. If you are after a textured effect, Gesso can also be applied with a palette knife. Sizes: Premium gesso: 500ml (16.9oz) Premium Black gesso: 500ml (16.9oz)