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Gouache Colours I AM AN ARTIST!

  1. Set of gouache paints Saint Petersburg I AM AN ARTIST! for children 3+.
  2. Great for art schools and projects for young artists!
  3. 16colors in 20ml jars. Made in Russia by Neva Palette.
  4. The paint conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards. The colors are made from ingredients that do not harm health of a child. They are safe in contact with skin or mucous membranes. They retain their color after drying and showing velvety texture. The paints do not crack even if applied with a thick layer. Dilution with water results in acquisition of watercolor properties (translucent uniform layer).

Sonnet Gouache Colour Set of 16x20ml

Artistic gouache paints "Sonnet" are intended for the creation of educational works, models, decor and illustrations. The paints are made using a new technology using pigment pastes and a synthetic binder. They have a high covering ability. After drying, they acquire a velvety matte surface. The palette of gouache paints in the "Sonnet" set consists of 16 colors for solving various artistic and decorative tasks. The composition, which is practical to use, includes 12 basic colors, 2 jars of white and 3 metallic colors. Colours include - Titanium White x 2, Yellow, Ocher light, English red, Red, Violet, Blue-green, Blue, Emerald green, Green dark, Brown, Black, Light silver, Inca Gold & Bronze.