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Sitaram Canvas Rolls Open Stock


Sitaram Canvas Rolls Perfect For Working With Acrylics or Oils.

Sitaram Canvas is a medium grain texture, and is ready to paint on without priming or preparation! It is well primed to absorbs paint evenly and is perfect for compositions in acrylics or oils when large canvases can be stretched even after painting. Each Sitaram Canvas Rolls comes in 5 and 10 meters. It is 10oz thick till 84 inches and 12oz from 96-120 inches
Key Features:
  • Acid free
  • Well Primed, no need for a primer!
  • 10oz canvas used and 12oz for 96 and 120 inches
  • 100% cotton
Perfect For:
  • Painting in acrylic or oil paint.
  • Oil, acrylic, or mixed media work
  • Professional paintings
  • Spontaneous creativity